Superpower #3: Consistently Committed to Growth

The last post may seem the opposite of having superpowers.

Or is it?

If you ask author Joe Badarracco, he\’d likely suggest that stepping back, maybe shedding a tear or two, and taking a break are without question the stuff superheroes are made of. In his book Leading Quietly, Badarracco suggested that what he calls \’quiet leaders\’ are the result of \’the sum of millions of small yet consequential decisions that individuals working far from the limelight make every day\’ and they select \’responsible, behind-the-scenes action over public heroism to resolve tough leadership challenges\’.

But to make those decisions, to sit far from the limelight to make behind-the-scenes actions, a leader has to be able to sit with themselves. So often, we fight, push, struggle, and attempt to get things done, to the detriment of our own health and sanity.

I read this great piece about self-care a bout a week ago. The tl:dr (too long, didn\’t read) of the matter was that the term self-care has become synonymous with \’some thin gruel, sufficient for enabling the person to experience the unsustainable conditions for one more day\’, a way to get past the horror of this day to survive to reach the horror of tomorrow.

Maybe that\’s how you feel about your current personal or professional situation.

The remainder of that post related to people\’s relationship with their faith practice, but the point is well-made as it relates to leadership as well. There must be more of a \’why\’ to what we do, something more than \’fake it til you make it\’, something more than \’if I just [finish this report … get done this meeting … fill in the blank].

R-Leaders want to see their businesses grow but also want to see their people grow. They invest in professional development, mentoring, conferences and presentation opportunities, and advancement opportunities to develop that succession pipeline (more about that in a future post).

Sometimes however, one of the areas R-Leaders may not be so good at is looking at their own growth. It\’s important to help others, but the leader must also help themselves to grow and thrive.

When was the last time you took a professional development course, a training to update current or learn a new skill, or enlisted the support of a trainer or mentor?

Now might be the best time to (re)evaluate your leadership position. Let\’s connect today to explore your opportunities.

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  1. Very interesting Andree. The thought that jumped into my head was mindfulness. I am sure it must be the flavor of the month – but in packaging mindfulness could go many ways and levels. Bless you and your work…

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