You’re probably curious.

‘R-Leadership? What is that?’

R-Leadership is short for ‘Reconnoiter Leadership’. You’ll find the term, as well as ‘Recon-Leadership’, sprinkled about the site.

R-Leadership isn’t another theory or model. It’s a lifestyle.

R-Leaders prioritize people over process to make progress.

Leaders are leaders, no matter the space they inhabit: organizational, community, faith-based, or home or village.

Leaders live what they do, everywhere.

Recon Leaders focus on the process, but not at the cost of the team — the people — who support the path toward it.

Part of living out leadership involves reflection, mindfulness, doing, and being. You’ll find more on the specific tenets of R-Leadership elsewhere on the site.

Who I Am

My name is Andree and I am a practitioner of R-Leadership. I created it. I am here to answer your questions and take the journey with you as a presenter to your team or organization, or to provide one-on-one mentoring. Reach out, let’s connect.

Why the Bird in the Logo?

The bird in the logo is a Shoebill, which is an amazing and ecologically vulnerable bird. R-Leadership is now a supporter of the efforts put forth by a community-based organization called Save Shoebill Conservation Project (SSCP) in Murchison Falls National Park Uganda. Read more here about the project and Kenneth Tumusiime, who leads it.

The Shoebill in the R-Leadership logo was drawn just for us by Krystal. Find more of her work at IG @coast_to_coast_artist.

Meet our very own R-Leadership Shoebill. Thanks to Krystal at Coast to Coast, I can legally have my own!

Shoebills are likely my favorite bird, but some of their attributes align with those of a Recon-Leader:

Deliberate and thoughtful. Shoebills hunt by staying in one place, watching, looking, waiting for the right time to make a move.

Hard to define. Shoebills have been mistakenly called storks, but they aren’t. The closest modern birds to them include Pelicans. Their nearest relative is the Hamerkop, which is in the same species but is much smaller and looks nothing like a Shoebill. It’s ancient ancestor is the Goliathia andrewsi, for any buffs of prehistoric avians out there.

Energies reserved for necessary action. They don’t waste time making unnecessary moves.

Laser focus on goals. See those eyes? Shoebills hold their beaks down and use keen binocular vision to watch for what’s happening around them. They can see whatever is coming and are ready for it.

Powerfully attractive. It’s hard to look ignore them, even when they are quiet.

In the discussions to come, you’ll find other animal analogies as well.