Superpower Summary

It\’s been a bit since we finished the detailed discussion of each superpower. Hopefully these attributes of R-Leadership have given you something to think about but more importantly, it would be great if you see yourself in them.

For those short on time, here is a TL:DR (too long: didn\’t read).

R espectfully provoking to develop future leaders

E ngaging creatively to advance new ideas

C onsistently committed to growth

O penly communicating with all people

N ormalizing workplace joy

N iche-building for innovation

O bserving and reporting from the basement to balcony view

I ntuiting needs for organizational advantage

T ranslating practice to process for shared knowledge and understanding

E nergizing teams through corporate social justice

R egularly reviewing and renewing useful practices

It\’s important to remember that each of these attributes must be developed — while a leader may exhibit or live by them organically, the depth and breadth of being able to action them all is always a work in progress, something all leaders need to study and interrogate regularly.

Go and grow!

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