R-Leadership: Advancing the Leadership Conversation

R-Leadership is shorthand for Reconnoiter (Recon) Leadership, which is not a model or theory upon which behaviors are based. Reconnoiter Leadership is a leader-lifestyle. R-Leaders (or Recon-Leaders) exude what could be called inherent superpowers — they incorporate the following attributes in every engagement with other people:

  • R espectful provocation to develop future leaders within the team
  • E ngages creativity to advance new ideas
  • C onsistent commitment to growth of self and others
  • O pen communication with all people
  • N ormalizes workplace joy and fun
  • N otices the niche-builders who drive innovation
  • O bserves and reports across all organizational levels
  • I ntuits needs for organizational advantage
  • T ranslates practice to process for shared knowledge and understanding
  • E nergizes teams through corporate social justice
  • R egularly reviews and renews useful practices

R-Leadership practices help leaders focus on the most important organizational asset: People.

R-Leadership practices provide emerging and seasoned leaders with forward-focused skills to engage others in ways that honor individuals and encourage growth and innovation within and across teams to advance company metrics.

Look for more on each R-Leadership superpower in other What\’s New posts …

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